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About DigiHype Express

Times have changed, with changes in business and personnel, some individuals are no longer looking to depend on their corporate jobs to support their families. Opportunities abound online and with the vast expanse of product offerings and with many potential clients looking for solutions online, DigiHype Express could be your way to start your own online business. 

Whether you’re a start-up company providing a new or improved service to clients or an entrepreneur that wants to take on the world, we have your solution. 

At DigiHype Express, a division of DigiHype Media Inc, we offer solutions such as Websites, Social Media, and services such as logo development, on a smaller scale for small start-ups like yours. We also offer E-Commerce websites that allow you the diversity to start selling your amazing products. Let us help you get your small business online with DigiHype Express!

Why DigiHype Express? A Word from Our CEO

Fast and Affordable, built for Small Business. We realize that small business owners and start up entrepreneurs need help. You may be a brand-new business owner and you may have just opened your doors to new clients. You don’t have a lot of time nor a lot of money to spend on figuring out what’s the first step in promoting your business online. The good news is DigiHype Express, was created just for you. This is, The No Fuss, No Muss way of buying digital for your small business. Just choose your service, place it in your shopping cart, complete the sale and we’ll do the rest. We’ll deliver your digital presence to you directly and online! We’re the first all Canadian only digital marketing company designed to help small businesses. And to add to this, all of our employees work in Canada and around the GTA. Digihype Express is the modern way to buy digital marketing for your start up or small business at an affordable price. All you need to do is Check us out online at https://digihypeexpress.com/ and start to create your businesses digital presence!

Clint Thompson
CEO and Founder of DigiHype Media Inc.
DigiHype Express is a division of DigiHype Media Inc and is based out of Ontario Canada.


About DigiHype Media Inc.

DigiHype Media is a Southern Ontario Based Digital Marketing & Advertising company. We are recognized as one of the top advertising agencies in Mississauga. We deliver cutting edge and proven marketing solutions, excellent local Customer Service and Quality services such as Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Graphic Design, Video Production, Content Marketing, Blogging, and Social Media Advertising.

Furthermore, we offer in-house Local Technical Support and we pride ourselves on doing all of our work at our Mississauga Office to ensure we deliver the highest quality digital marketing products and service.

If you are looking to take your company’s web presence to the next level or you simply don’t know where to start when it comes to online marketing, don’t worry our expert digital marketing team will walk you through the entire process!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your incredible business noticed online today!


2021 & 2022 Consumer's Choice Award for Business Excellence!