Who is this service for?

> Our Express digital marketing services are made for small businesses who know they need to have a digital presence but have a smaller budget to start.

Can you help with start-ups? 

> Our Express services are perfect for start-ups who may have a smaller budget to dedicate to digital marketing. You can choose the exact amount of exposure you need for your business and your budget, just by clicking on the services you want. It’s that simple. You click, we build. Our team of experts will create an effective digital presence for your business quickly and affordably. Check out our website and start your digital marketing campaign https://digihypeexpress.com/

Are my services done in Canada?

> As a Canadian company, everything is done by our website development and social media experts in Canada - no outsourcing to people we don’t personally have on our team

Is DigiHype Express part of DigiHype Media?

> Yes! The same team that works on DigiHype Media’s clients also works on DigiHype Express. We recognize that not all businesses have the same budget, so we wanted to create an accessible and affordable service for small businesses to get started with a digital presence. 

What is the difference between DigiHype Media + DigiHype Express?

> We created Digihype express as an easier and more cost-effective way for small businesses to get the digital presence they need! DigiHype Media is a full-service digital marketing agency, whereas Digihype Express is our a la carte service that minimizes the back-and-forth that can take up precious time and energy!

How does the Express service work?

> Once you choose which service you require for your business simply click “Add To Cart” and our team will get started on creating for your small business! Check out our website and start your digital marketing campaign today https://digihypeexpress.com/

How do you get information about my business or my goals? 

We gather information through our initial information form that you will receive once you enroll in a program. This form will give us all the information we need to get your program started. You will also have access to our social media and tech support team throughout the process. 

What is the turnaround time? 

Turn around times are quick and you can expect to have your digital presence up and running within 5 business days. Terms and conditions apply.